NSX Update: We Return This Friday at Bella Terra Vineyards

We're back at Bella Terra Vineyards Friday for our first show in over four months! 

Hello, everyone, 

We are happy to announce that, after four months and one day (but, who's counting?), we will return to the stage for a live performance this Friday (June 26) from 6-9 PM at Bella Terra Vineyards in Hunker PA.  This may be one of only a few, if not the only, public live performance we will have all summer. 

We are excited to again play live for you.  And we also want to make sure that you and we are healthy at our shows.  We have chosen Bella Terra for our first performance back because of their outdoor space and policies on social distancing (you can check them out here: https://www.bellaterravineyards.com/covid-19).  We as a band are also taking precautions including, but not limited to, disinfecting all of our shared equipment. 

A lot will be going on behind the scenes to make the show happen, but all you need to know is that it will be fun, exciting, and safe! 

If you're not ready to get back out there and party live with us, we understand that too and it's okay.  For you especially, we hope that you will check out our FREE online album full of rare, live, and unreleased tracks.  It is available exclusively at: https://neonswing.net/guess-you-had-to-be-there-unreleased-rare-and-live-tracks 

If prompted, the password to download the album is: Quarantine 

PS.  It is close to Father's Day and this album has a killer version of "Go Daddy-O" on it (get it?  "Daddy-O" for Father's Day?).  Since it's free, it's also a cost effective last minute Father's Day gift if you forgot.  Just forward your dad the link and password! 

Mike, Wally, Joe, Steve, Dave, Chris, Carmen, Randy, and Ken 
Neon Swing X-perience 
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