NSX Update: We Want to Hear from You!

Neon Swing X-perience misses you - we want to hear from you! 

Hi, friends, 

It seems like so long since Neon Swing X-perience has heard from many of you and we miss you.  So, we want to remind you to let us know how you're doing!  You can email us at srgntswing@gmail.com, or get in touch with us on social media (www.facebook.com/neonswing or www.twitter.com/neonswing). 

We want to hear your stories about your favorite Neon Swing shows and songs.  Where did you first hear us?  Which song do you like best? 

And we especially need to hear from you about our upcoming livestreamed show on Friday March 12.  It's an evening of original songs but we need to know: which of our original tunes do you think we should play? 

We also want to know where you'll be logging into the show from.  Will you be chilling on the couch?  Dancing in your living room?  Having your favorite beverage and snack while watching? 

The bottom line is that we've been lonely not seeing you all over the past several months and would love to hear from you - even if it's only to say "hi"! 

Can't wait to see you soon! 

Oh, and a reminder that details about our March 12 livestreamed show are available at: https://www.thepalacetheatre.org/concerts-events/neon-swing-x-perience/ 

Mike, Wally, Joe, Steve, Dave, Chris, Carmen, Ken, and Randy 
Neon Swing X-perience 
www.neonswing.com or www.neonswing.net 

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