NSX Update: J&D Cellars ("The Street" - Washington PA) on Saturday

This Saturday, the five-piece Neon Swing lineup debuts at J&D Cellars (in Washington PA) for our last public show until late July. 

Hi, friends, 

Our shows this summer have been so amazing.  Thank you for the great welcome back you gave us this past weekend and at all of our 2021 shows! 

This Saturday (June 26), we will play our first show at J&D Cellars ("The Street" - 100 Adios Dr.) in Washington PA near the casino.  We'll be there from 7-10 PM with our five-piece combo. 

This will be our last public show until the end of July and our first time in Washington PA in years, so don't miss this one! 

By the way, the new live album will be available at the show and is also available on your favorite download and streaming music sites.  Remember to check out and subscribe to our official YouTube page (where you can also stream the new album) at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz2S5B28EkOE8GA4luLSqEA.  

Our full schedule is below - only a handful of pubic summer shows remain so we hope to see you soon!  

  • June 26 – J&D Cellars Winery (Meadows Location) Washington PA - 7-10 PM  
  • July 2 – Private  
  • July 30 – J&D Cellars Winery (Meadows Location) Washington PA - 7-10 PM  
  • August 1 – Epiphany Church Festival Monessen PA – 1130 AM-230 PM  
  • August 7 – Oaks Theater Oakmont PA - 730-930 PM 
  • August 20 – Yellow Tie Gala (Banana Split Festival) Latrobe PA (tickets required and available from the Latrobe Art Center) - 7-9 PM 
  • December 2 – Jergel’s Warrendale PA (opening for Rock This Town Orchestra) - 8 PM-? - discount tickets available from Neon Swing X-perience (email srgntswing@gmail.com) 
  • December 3 – Bella Terra Hunker PA - 6-9 PM  
  • April 9 2022– Jazz at Stifel Fine Arts Center Wheeling WV - 8-10 PM  

We're always around at www.neonswing.com, Facebook (www.facebook.com/neonswing), and Twitter (www.twitter.com/neonswing) so drop on by to say hello!  

See you in Washington PA on Saturday! 

Mike, Wally, Joe, Steve, Dave, Chris, Carmen, Ken, and Randy 
Neon Swing X-perience 
www.neonswing.com or www.neonswing.net 

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