NSX Update: Introducing Mike Urick and The Modelaires

In light of Neon Swing's break in a few months, we promised to let you know about new musical projects our members are working on. 

Dear friends, 

Mike, a few NSX members, and some new faces have recently been working on starting up "Mike Urick and The Modelaires."  The name comes from the dance band that Mike's grandfather played in from the 1940s through 2010s!  We're hoping to honor their legacy by bringing back parts of their repertoire while adding some additional horn rock, swing, and jazz tunes (and maybe even sprinkling in a few NSX favorites here and there). 

We could let you know all about here, but we'll let you check out our website and social media pages (don't forget to like and share please) if you'd like to know more...including where we're scheduled to debut the band this coming April! 
Official website: www.themodelaires.com 
Official Facebook:  www.facebook.com/themodelaires 
Official Twitter:  www.twitter.com/themodelaires 
Official Instagram:  www.instagram.com/themodelaires 
Official store (powered by Redbubble):  https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/95720381 

We're just starting things up, so any feedback (on our sites, on what songs you want to hear us play, etc.) would be greatly appreciated.  And please help us spread the word about this exciting new project! 

In Neon Swing X-perience news, tickets are available for $25 for our next show on February 19 at the "Sweetheart Swing Dance" fundraiser for Mary of Nazareth school (1640 Fawcett Ave, White Oak PA).  The link for tickets is: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdkFdn2bmVg6NOW75F-kcjfwnW_XvKwpzMLJI3Nlt9DhFsVGg/viewform.  The remaining Neon Swing shows are: 

Friday, February 19 – Mary of Nazareth – White Oak PA – 7 PM – School Benefit 
Saturday, April 9 – Stifel Fine Arts Center – Wheeling WV – 8 PM – Jazz at the Oglebay Institute 
Saturday, July 2 – Twin Lakes – Greensburg PA – 11 AM – Arts and Heritage Festival 

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and happy holidays! 

Mike, Wally, Joe, Steve, Dave, Chris, Carmen, Ken, and Randy 
Neon Swing X-perience 
www.neonswing.com or www.neonswing.net 

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